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Bangles- symbol of beauty
Bangles- symbol of beauty

The beauty and significance of bangles

India is known for its tradition and culture. The tradition of wearing bangles in India began in ancient times. Since the ancient time, we have been following this tradition of wearing bangles as they enhance the feminine grace and beauty. Wearing of bangle is considered must for a married woman in India. These are considered to be an important part of Indian bride’s jewellery. The word bangle is derived from the Hindi word bangri, “colored glass bracelet”, which means – “The ornament which adorns the arm” in Sanskrit.



One of the oldest art objects in India, the bronze figurine of a dancing girl excavated at Mohanjodaro is the perfect example of universality of wrist ornaments in India. The figurine stands in the nude with one arm at her hip, the other arm completely weighed down with a collection of bangles. Even the Yakshinis are depicted wearing bangles.

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These bangles are made from terracotta, stone, copper, bronze, gold, silver, lac, glass and almost any material that lent itself to craftsmanship. From simple plain circlets of metal, to ones decorated with etched and exquisite designs, studded with gems; these bangles are worn all over the world for style and fashion.

Significance of bangles

In Hinduism, we believe in trigunas that is Sattva, Raja and Tama gunas. Sattva is predominant in qualities like love, happiness, humility; Raja and Tama predominants include anger, lust, greed, pride etc.

Plastic bangles are categorized as Raja-Tama- predominant. These ill vibrations in the environment are attracted to such bangles and are absorbed by the woman who wears them.

Glass bangles have sattva component, divine consciousness in them. Due to this, sattva predominant waves in the environment are attracted to the glass bangles. In addition, the sound generated by the glass bangles overcomes the negative energy.

Since the plastic bangles have ill vibrations, it is more advisable to wear glass bangles.

Colored bangles and their significance

Glass bangles meanings vary according to their color. Red bangles symbolize energy, blue bangles symbolize wisdom/tranquility and purple symbolizes independence. Yellow stands for happiness and green are for luck/married status. Orange bangles mean success, white ones mean new beginnings and black ones mean power. Silver bangles indicate strength, while gold bangles mean fortune.


Scientific significance of bangles

Physically, women are generally weaker than men. Their bones are also weak as compared to those of men. As women age, many diseases grow and encircle their bodies making them weak. Ornaments of gold and silver provide maximum energy to women. Gold and silver bangles help in strengthening the bones of the hand. In Ayurveda too, the ashes of these ornaments is used to provide energy to body.

Pregnant women wear bangles because the tinkle of bangles provides acoustic stimuli for the baby and helps in easy delivery.

Bangles- Symbol of beauty

Bangles have gained much popularity among today’s generation and have become a trend. Wristlets are an embellishment to all the ladies irrespective of their age. They are considered as a fashion accessory that can be worn with Indian as well as western outfit and is a favorite among college girls. These attractive pieces are a symbol of feminine beauty and character.

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