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Benefots Of Drinking Tender Coconut

Benefits Of Drinking Tender Coconut

Time was when tender coconut was only a natural thirst quencher in summer. Now the world knows it as a drink for health and vitality. It is the regular drink of those who place a premium on health – from busy professionals always on the move to the homemakers who want to meet the nutritional requirements of entire family. In fact tender coconut water is quintessentially natural – a welcome break from fizzy artificial energy drinks in the market. It gives you a daily dose of vital nutrients to keep you energized and feeling good. Even the soft pulp in tender coconut is the ‘food of the Gods’. It has a divine taste and is packed with vitamins and minerals not to be missed after your tender coconut water drink.

Nutritional properties in a Tender Coconut

The fluid’s caloric value is 17.4 per 100gms. The major chemical constituents of coconut water are Reducing sugars (4.4%) in the forms of glucose and fructose. It also contains essential minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron and copper. Tender coconut water being rich in potassium and other minerals is a natural energizer.

More reasons to drink Tender Coconut water

Tender coconut water is full of medicinal values. Here are some other reasons why you should have this drink regularly as a part of your diet.
• 100% natural;
• A health tonic packed with vitamins and minerals;
• An instant refresher;
• Contains more potassium than most energy and sports drinks;
Has less sodium than sports and energy drinks ensuring less heart problems and dehydration;
• Has natural sugars and flavours instead of processed sugars;
• Has lesser fat than milk;
• Has zero cholesterol;
• Healthier than a fruit drink that work wonders for cooling your system;
• Bottled by nature and carries no additives;

Did you know?

During the World War-II in the Pacific Ocean area, coconut water siphoned directly from the nut was used regularly to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers. That is the power of the earth’s greatest natural drink-tender coconut water.

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