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Benefits of Free Matrimonial Sites

India has a long and continuing history of its own culture and traditions, some of which have transcended from hundreds of years. Arranged marriages before the arrival of online matrimony meant, scouting for a bride through word-of-mouth, family referrals and marriage brokers etc.

Online matrimony sites are registering strong growth year-on-year, due to the penetration of internet, popularity, technology and other factors such as globalisation, changing times and discontinuation of joint family system. These portals have caste based classifications and offer caste specific services, such as Tamil matrimony and have a database of profiles on different castes, sub-castes, age and other parameters. These free matrimonial portals are a blessing-in-disguise for people who have settled abroad and have fewer contacts to pursue a marriage alliance in the sub-continent.

The concept of matchmaking has seen huge changes over the past decade. Online matrimonial sites have taken over the traditional methods of match making. Technology has made a huge difference in phasing out the traditional ways of match making. The difficulties involved in traditional matchmaking, nuclear families and globalisation have boosted the relevancy of matrimonial services in India. Apart from these factors – accessibility to internet and low cost involved in setting up of online matrimonial companies have increased its relevance over the past decade. As the name implies they provide free matrimonial services, by providing the contact details of the number, his occupation details, caste etc. the source of revenue for these sites come from advertisers who display their services on their site. Their database include profiles of different languages, caste etc. Some of the free services, that they offer are;

• Free Registration of Brides and Grooms
• Publish the profiles with photos of their members in the websites
• Free partner search
• Generate free horoscopes on their site
• Sending e-mail and SMS alerts to those who express interest on the profiles

Some of the benefits of registering in free matrimonial sites are:

• Huge array of profiles suiting your requirement
• Easy to eliminate profiles not matching your requirement
• Can view all the details of the bride and groom which are pre-verified by the matrimonial sites
• Membership at very low cost

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