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Why is wife in Hindu traditions called as – Dharma Patni

One’s own house becomes a Punya Kshetra when the husband and wife begin to practise Dharmic activities in their house. Dharmic Shahtra honours the wife with the title “Grihinee”. The four walls of the house do not make a home; the lady of the house makes it a home.

Na gruham, ‘gruham’ ityahuhu |Grihenee ‘gruham’ uchyate||
The girl or Kanya, gets promoted as “GRIHINEE” in her marriage. Marriage elevates a Brahmachari as “GRIHASTHA”. Marriage brings dignity to both. Jointly they are designated as dampathis.

The wife is “jaa-yaa” in Samskrita and the husband is “Pati”. Jaa-Yaa and Pati, jointly called Dampati. The husband by himself, is only half; an incomplete entity. He becomes complete when he gets a son. For this, he should get a wife first.
Even after marriage, the husband is only one half. The wife stands by his side as the other half, says Dharma Shastra: (Ardham Bhaarya Manush-yasya). For him she is the root cause for happiness in this world and in the other world also.(Bhaarya Moolam Tri-Vargasya) “tri-varga” means swarga. Moolam means Moola-Kaaranam.

When the thought of marriage occurs in the mind, the boy or girl should constantly remember that the marriage is a promotion in one’s life. Promotion, either in office or at home, is always sweet, no doubt. But in both the places, promotion binds you with new discipline and new responsibilities which are not so sweet. Office promotion binds you with Rules of service Agreement. Home-Promotion binds you with the Rules of Kula Dharma. The more you show enthusiasm in adhering to the said rules, the quicker comes your next promotion in both the places. The principle is the next anywhere.
A sensible wife loves her husband more for his attachment to Grihastha Dharma than for other things. That is what Sita Devi says about her love to Sri Ramachandra. Similarly, a sensible husband loves his wife more for her sense of value for Patni-Dharmah than for anything else.

To become a wife is not a great thing, To become a Dharme Patni is really great in life. That is the highest goal for a self-respecting wife. She never forgets this even in the midst of all conjugal pleasures and enjoyments.
The natural wish in the mind of any wife is that her husband should be a person occupying a prestigious high position. But a Dharma Patni does not stop with that, She dreams more. Her cherished ambition is that her highly placed husband should also be a person well versed in his Grihastha Dharma. Even if the husband is half minded, a Dharma Patni would lovingly bring him round and make him perform great Deva Yajnas and Pitru Yajnas with interest and involvement. She upholds her Kula Dharma from behind the sense. Such a wife is Dharma Patni.

Therefore, all wives are not Dharma Patnis. A wife, with great efforts, by the way of hard practice and with extreme patience, elevates herself to the status of Dharma Patni. She never demands respect from others. But the society respects her of its own accord. Outwardly, she is as calm as still-water. Inwardly, she is as pure as fire.
santhushto bharyaya bhartha, bhartra bharya tathaiva cha|

yasmin eva kule nityam kalyanam tatra vy dhruvam||
Nitya Kalyana is assured in that family where the husband is quite contended with his wife and similarly the wife contended with her husband.

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