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Energy Conservation – An Urgent Priority

Industrialisation, Globalisation has given great results to mankind. The standard of living of people has improved substantially; there are more jobs, GDP’s of nations world wide has improved, even after several bouts of recessions. But there are several aspects such as pollution and energy depletion and over-exploitation of natural resources which may lead to its extinction in the near future. Natural resources such as petrol, gasoline are the back bone for any nation for its industrial and transportation requirements, but conserving them is equally important. In India, in certain metros, Bangalore for example: traffic jams are a normal sight in every part of the city, this happens due to over use of cars and lack of a systematic public feeder service in the city.

Due to high purchasing power and lack of social and civic awareness combined by poor infrastructure, people tend to use their own transport (cars) for their transport, this is a small example of excess usage of petrol and diesel. To quote another example, street lights in Bangalore city continue to be lit even in broad day light, due to the callous attitude of employees of electricity board. Energy (electricity) in city is available in abundance and is used in broad day light, but the same energy is not available around 80 kms away from Bangalore, when we enter into the rural areas. Farmers and the rural folk in many parts of Karnataka do not get power, if they get, it would be around 5-6 hours.

Thus, the important issue here is conserving our energy and not over-using just because it is available to us in abundance. It is not only the government which has to act, but also as individuals we need to act, to save Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to mankind. There are several ways through which we can save our precious natural resources and conserve it for our future generations.

Advocate car pooling: This is the best way to conserve fuel for the nation and to the individual. If your car could accommodate 4 people, it would be a very good idea. Resources can be used judiciously and save them for a longer period of time.

Switch off electrical appliances when not in use: There are several instances when your audio or TV keeps running, while you talk to your friend over the phone or busy with your chores in the kitchen. In these cases you can switch off your electrical appliances which are running. In offices, open windows and allow natural air to
circulate, instead of running your air conditioner 24×7.

Use water judiciously: Water is one of the invaluable gifts of Mother Nature, people living in less privileged areas are bereft of potable water. On the other hand, apartments and areas inhabited by high income people get water in plenty but wasted generously through gardening, car cleaning and other house hold chores. Water, especially drinking water has to be used minimally; strict penalties should be imposed on people who waste water by using it for other purposes than actually it is meant for.

Measures to be taken by the government

Reduce Government Vehicles: Whenever a VVIP passes on the road, nearly 8 vehicles pilot him; this is absolutely unscientific even from the security point of view. Such government protocols and security rules have to be changed. Such practices will not only bear a huge impact on the state’s exchequer but also consume unnecessary
fuel for worthless purposes.

Put a cap on petrol usage: Excessive usage of petrol will deplete it completely
from our earth, need of the hour is to conserve petrol by checking its usage, each family should be given only a certain limit of fuel usage for a particular month. This will enable them to use fuel only for productive purposes.

Impose heavy penalties on industries which cause pollution: There are several instances wherein factories pollute the environment by disposing the effluents, such factories have to be penalised heavily by the concerned governments.

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