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Pre wed shoot

Pre-wed shoot, the most happening trend in photography!

Wedding is a very special occasion for every family, the couple in love and the parents as it makes memories that will last a lifetime. It is every girl’s dream to have a fairy tale wedding. To make this dream a reality, many preparations from decorations to food and hospitality are to be done. One of the modern trends in a wedding is the pre-wedding shoot. Pre-wedding shoot is one of the important parts of a wedding. A pre-wedding shoot is a modern trend in the field of photography. This photography is as important as the wedding pictures. As the name suggests, pre-wed shoot usually takes place after the Engagement and before the Wedding. During the early days, couple would be photographed in a studio made to sit on a sofa, The process was uncomfortable both to the bride and the groom. But the modern shoot is one where the soon to be husband and wife head to beautiful destinations with a photographer to get some great pictures for their pre-wedding shoot. They choose interesting and intimate locations for the shoot and create a story with emotions attached to it.


The photographers focus on capturing emotion and passion in a candid manner to create magical & natural images. Pre- wedding shoots are generally relaxed and informal as compared to the ones at the wedding venue. The pictures can be used for e-invitations or even as a slideshow during prior to the reception.

The pre-wed shoot helps the couple to gain confidence for facing the camera on the wedding ceremony. It can be made as creative as possible with endless imagination. One can imagine how nice it will be to look at these albums ten years down the lane and to share the love story with probably their children. Pre-wed shoot photos are one of the most valuable things the couple can treasure throughout their lives.


Important Tips for a perfect photo shoot:

The best time to have a shoot could be one month prior to the wedding.

  1. Pick a warm and sunny day for the best of lighting and an appropriate location as per the couple’s or photographers preference.
  2. The couple should hit the gym before the shoot to get in shape.
  3. Hire a beautician or the photographer will suggest one for you. Every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive in pictures. Make-up is one of the important aspects and it will always add beauty to the pictures. It should match the couple’s costume and also with the shoot concept.
  4. The couple can hire a costume designer or pick the clothes they want to wear for the photo shoot. They can experiment by taking pictures in a variety of costumes with different poses prior to the shoot.
  5. The photographer has to visit the place prior to the shoot and decide on certain locations and how to place the couples in each picture. The couples should discuss about their requirements with the photographer and both have to obtain a professional perspective in sync with the couple’s requirement with innovative thoughts to make the Pre-wed photo shoot a success!


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