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How to Control anger

How to keep your anger in check!

Marriage means that you will have to make compromises every step of the way. And this means bringing in changes into your behaviour and lifestyle. If you are a hothead and have issues controlling your temper, here are a few tips on how to control your anger.

Controlling yourself is important

Most of the time we end up saying hurtful things to others because we don’t pause to think; how our words would affect others. And when we do end up hurting the ones we love, we regret it later. So instead of giving in into our tempers, we should try to calm ourselves down. One of the simple ways is to countdown to ten. This helps us cool down the rage that has built up. Taking a few deep breaths also helps to calm the frazzled nerves.

Another possible solution is to count down to 10 or 20. It gives you sufficient time to collect your thoughts and make them coherent. Try to incorporate this into your behavior; it will help reduce the number of outbursts and unpleasant fights in your life.

Exercising and reducing stress

When you lead a stressful life, you tend to get temperamental. Exercising is one great way to reduce stress. Doing a few simple exercises every morning or evening can help keep the body and mind fresh and alert.

Bottling up your emotions; however; is not a good idea either. Try venting your anger out by exercising or going for a run. Getting oxygen into your lungs and a little workout for your muscles helps the body to loosen up. Another way to express anger is to talk about the issue at hand later on; instead of venting out emotions in an instant. When you talk to your partner or child about what exactly bothers or upsets you; you both can work towards a solution. Also, apologies and promises can be made; which are a great way to maintain a healthy relationship. In some cases, humour works really well too! Try and crack a few jokes about the tense situation, and tempers are sure to dissipate.

Many a times, too much anger in a marriage can lead to separation and if you have kids; it can have an adverse effect on them too. So try to keep a check on your anger to have a great relationship with your spouse and kids.

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