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How to Lose Weight Naturally?

Hectic life styles and irregular working hours have left us with no time to exercise. The result is a bulging stomach and a lack of flexibility in the body, a person who is overweight experiences several ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other problems. It is very important to control our weight by exercising regularly and following a positive life style. It is important to note that whenever there is a plan to lose your weight, it should be methodical, scientific and should not be experimented with oral medicines – that promise to reduce weight.

If you are overweight and want to reduce your weight, you can do so by following the below mentioned steps:

Before you set out weight loss plan, you need to determine your body mass index (BMI). BMI is calculated by your total weight in kg divided by your height in metres. If the BMI is between 20-25 – your weight is normal, if it’s between 25-30 – you are overweight, if it is in the range of – 30-40 – you are obese and if it is over 40 then you have to search for your jogging shoes the next morning.

Walk regularly: Walking is the best form of exercise, regular walking burns the calories. In case you have time constraints for walking, you can avoid using the elevator at office and take the stairs, walk to the nearest departmental centre for shopping and compensate for the lack of time. If you have time, then take a long, brisk walk in the morning it would refresh you mentally and burn calories.

Involve yourself in physical activities: Start exercising, play a sport regularly. Involve yourself in a team-sport such as volleyball, basket ball. This will help you make more active and put down weight.

Judge your eating habits: Eat sensisbly and healthy food. Do not starve just because you want to reduce your weight, it will have other repercussions. Increase fibre in your diet and avoid junk food and desserts. Include more vegetables in your diet, it will keep you full and make you less hungry.

Smaller Meals: Instead of having 3 large meals a day, cut the same into smaller meals. It helps in reducing your weight and increasing your metabolism.

Eat low fat foods: Sweets, chips and other oil delicacies have to be avoided if you want to reduce your weight.

Eat Fruit: Fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins that keep our body healthy. They are a source of natural weight loss food as they contain lower calories and keep our bodies healthy.

Drink lots of Water: Water helps to boost your metabolism by keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water helps flush out the toxins in our bodies that slows down weight loss.

Include Green Tea in your diet: Green tea is a source of antioxidants and is known to reduce weight, if consumed regularly.

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