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Hindu Marriage Mantras

Mantras, for a wedding beyond words!

Every ritual in Hinduism is termed as something divine, a necessity for a prosperous life, a link to stay connected with goodness and an important act to be performed having the almighty in mind, bowing to his laws. One can understand the values and meaning of the Vedic Mantras in a Hindu Marriage only when they learn it with complete fondness, respecting every mantra for its meaning and practice by heart for its true reasons. There is no power beyond the power of nature and in Hinduism Agni (Fire) is one of the important elements of nature that is valued and respected beyond anything else. In a Hindu Marriage, it is indeed important for a couple to come around the fire seven times, chanting the important mantras along with the Pandit, making silent vows to each other.
The importance of marriage is fulfilled in Hinduism only when both the Bride’s and Groom’s duties are fulfilled and must promise to have a faith on each other that is so intact. While chanting the important Vedic Mantras, the couple must walk the Agni seven times holding each other’s hand. This means that the Bride and Groom are becoming one soul and takes the promise in front of their parents, friends and relatives making their bond stronger, strengthening their relationship. These mantras and steps mean that they take all the measures to keep up with their promises and fulfil every oath they take in front of Agni. One might wonder why it is always the Agni. This is because Agni that is the fire is considered as the real energy and strength of the Sun itself. And Sun, that is strongly believed to be Lord Vishnu gives the impression that performing the mantras in front of fire means that performing the mantras in front of Lord Vishnu himself. The other important reason is, fire stands as they mean to destroy any sin by burning and so, marriages are strongly insisted and is practiced to be held in front of the fire that will help in every way to start a prosperous and sinless life.
These Mantras, that is the seven promises means that,

• We promise to live together from now on for the rest of our lives.
• No matter what is the situation we neither shall nor separate from one another.
• From today, we two are one mind and one heart who carry equal responsibilities as man and wife.
• We shall love and care for each other while enjoying heath and wealth together.
• Let us together spread and keep up our Vedic duties in front of our ancestors, elders, rishis, gods and creatures.
• May our ambitions be united and be together forever.
• May we prosper with children and gain spiritual wealth along with every auspiciousness in our life.
While walking around the fire, the couple always walks around clockwise. While the first four rounds are lead by the bride, the final three rounds are lead by the groom. Remember, every round the couple takes, Pandit makes sure to read the right Mantra on the right round and they end the mantras by pronouncing the ‘Gayatri Mantra’. The significance of the first four rounds is that, the bride indirectly states that she takes care of all the household life and give a peaceful living while in the last three rounds, the groom indicates he shall bring the wealth and happiness for his wife. When they make this bonding together by chanting the mantras, they take this major step to start a prosperous and a blissful family together.

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