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Maruthani, the ultimate moment for a lady on her wedding!

Maruthani, the ultimate moment for a lady on her wedding!

Indeed, it is not new for families to hear about ‘Mehandi Functions’ these days as it has become very much popular across the country. Any marriage ceremony without a Mehandi Function has become an incomplete wedding and the bride always decorates her hand with some of the flamboyant designs, may it be with the North Indian Mehandhi style or with the very popular South Indian Maruthani. Though it has gained all the popularity now with the help of trend in designs and media, earlier, South Indian women decorated her hands and legs with Marudthani before her wedding day. Maruthani is created by making the Maruthani leaf into a fine paste and lime and eucalyptus oil is added for a finer stain of the Maruthani.
In the Eastern wedding ceremonies, that is in the North India, Mehandi certainly had a lot of significance, and a wedding is quite not a complete one without Mehandi. The Bride takes pain in decorating her legs and hands with Mehandi, if wanted, in both the sides until the elbow of the hands and till the bottom of the legs before the day of her wedding. To add more to the tradition, friends and relatives of the bride gather at her home to celebrate the evening and adorn their hands with Mehandi as well to make the occasion even more significant. During this celebration, everyone dedicated a song to the bride especially with the traditional Mehandi Song which signifies all the luck and blessings the bride can get through Mehandhi. The most important is it speaks about the importance of her various in laws and her relationship with them.
Not only in India, the Mehandi Function before wedding is quite popular in Gulf Regions such as Bahrain, Saudi and Kuwait and the celebration are very much closer to those of the Indian Culture. In these regions, the mother and grandmother of the bride sing a traditional song for her and tease her about the groom and her future.
Mehandi or Maruthani is indeed very famous and considered very sacred and holy according to the Indian Tradition and it is believed that, unless the mother in law of the bride draws the first dot in her hand, the bride cannot go ahead with adorning the rest of her hand. This means that, the dot drawn by the mother in law says that the bride that is her daughter-in-law is now permitted to beautify and decorate herself for her son. According to the Indian Tradition, it is strongly believed that the deeper the colour of the Maruthani goes, the bride will receive that kind of deep love from her in-laws and this says about the mother-in-law in particular as her blessing is more important than anyone for the bride to live a happy life. Henceforth, the bride does everything to give a deep stain of her Maruthani.
As a traditional practice, the name of the groom, or both the bride and groom’s names are etched in the hands of the bride and it is the task of the groom to find it which might take even hours. Even the groom’s hand is adorned with Mehandi or Maruthani in various other Indian customs.

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