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Indian Matchmakers targeting Divorcees

One billion people, more than 1600 spoken languages, 28 culturally different states, over 9 religions, one country – India defines diversity. This diversity, seen in every realm of Indian life starting from food & clothing to customs & traditions, is reflected in Indian marriages as well. Thus, describing all the nuances of the country’s wedding traditions in a single piece of writing would truly be a herculean task. This article is a humble effort to give a glimpse into a colourful and cultural extravaganza – the Indian wedding. We are restricting to Hindu weddings in this article.

In recent years, with the onset of dating culture in India, arranged marriages have seen a marginal decrease, with prospective brides and grooms preferring to choose a spouse on their own and not necessarily only the one whom their parents find agreeable; this has been more pronounced in urban and suburban areas than rural regions.
Arranged marriages have always been a debatable subject. It is in the major outlook on relationships that Indians are vastly different, in the way they perceive the institution of marriage, to those beliefs of other countries especially in the west.

Many people have a pretty major misunderstanding of the topic of arranged marriages and in fact have a fairly negative attitude regarding arranged marriages. The best way to understand the reasoning behind such cultures is to put aside your own beliefs, opinions, and preconceived ideas in order to see more clearly before dismissing it as wrong. While it may not be for all and love marriages in India are not unheard of or a rare sighting by any means arranged marriages aren’t necessarily a bad thing either!

India still has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world, but marriage breakdowns are becoming more common. Most of those splitting up are members of its thriving, urban middle class whose lives have been transformed by the economic boom. This has led to a huge rise in the number of matrimonial services, some unscrupulous, targeting divorcees.
Matchmaking portals are now utilizing this opportunity have added a dedicated page for separated or divorcees and contact them through their tele-callers and sales managers.
Official figures on the divorce rate are unavailable in India but experts say that roughly 13 marriages in every 1,000 end in divorce – in the United States, it is about 500 in every 1,000.
Marriage websites, through an unscrupulous tie-up between family court staff now exchange information of divorcees or those who have applied for divorce and pursuing the legal battle.
One of the leading matrimonial sites in the country has a separate site for divorcees which records about 70% annual registration of divorcees.
While some feel that this target segment will increase the revenues of online matrimonial portals, others argue that this hurts the emotions of those who have separated from a sour relationship.

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