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Mega Matrimony Meet

Successful completion of 10th mega matrimony meet at Bengaluru

Sri Sankara Matrimony organized a ‘Mega Matrimony Meet’ exclusively for Naidu and Brahmin community at Avadhani Convention Hall at Girinagar, Bengaluru on January 21st and 22nd – 2017. The meet was held at the salubrious Avadhani Convention Hall – located in South Bengaluru.  Sri Sankara Matrimony had successfully organized Mega Matrimony Meet in Bengaluru, Chennai, Trichy, Mumbai, Mysuru and Ernakulam. More than 3,000 alliances have been finalised through this platform. The organizing of such an event assumes significance in the wake of modernisation and globalisation which has disunited joint families and paved way for nuclear families. Nuclear families split across the country and abroad had increased the complexity of marriage. Sri Sankara Matrimony has now created a platform for prospective brides and grooms from Hindu community to meet their prospective partner in-person along with their parents and decision makers. Going a step ahead it has also ensured that the platform is useful to those residing abroad through ‘Virtual Participation’. A virtual participant can be represented by his/her parents or decision makers.


The first day of the Mega Matrimony Meet began by invoking Godess Parvathi and Lord Shiva and performing ‘Swayamvara Parvathi Homa’ by our Vidwans.

The homa was conducted in a detailed manner by recital of Vedic hymns by Vidwans. Sankalpa was taken in name of all participants and prasadam was distributed to all the participants and their parents. Raksha – the sacred remains of homa was distributed to all participants. Poornahuti was done under the presence of our Managing Director, Shri Harikrishnan and Executive Vice President Shri Murali. The holy water was sprinkled to all participants culminating the homa.

Our Managing Director Shri Harikrishnan commenced the meet by lighting of the lamp. The participants who entered the venue were given an Event kit – which comprised of a copy of VISHWA VANI – Kannada newspaper and our ‘Print Partner’ for the event. The event kit also had a ‘booklet’ which included the list of participants along with their Nakshatra, Gotra, Photograph and SSM ID. Apart from above, the kit also included lunch and refreshment coupons.

Next, the profiling of participants was organized at the stage. Our Anchors introduced the participants on the stage and asked about their expectations about their partner and other marital expectations. The event also saw participants and their parents/decision makers talking to each other and exchanging their information. Our team of Astrologers comprising of Dr.Suresh Kumar and Naravaram Chandra Shekara Chary provided ‘horoscope matching’ and other astrological details/compatability pertaining to marriage.

IMG_20170121_130700307 IMG_20170121_130728372

Our helpdesk also gave the participants the 10 contact details of those who participated in the meet. Snacks/Tea was served during the evening. More than 100 prospective brides and grooms along with their parents participated in the meet.

The second day of the meet saw a huge response from the Brahmin community. More than 500 participants including their Parents and decision makers participated in the meet. The event began by invoking blessings of Godess Parvathi and Lord Shiva and performing of Swayamvara Parvathi homa by our Vedic priests. Sankalpa was taken in name of participants and prasada was distributed to all participants. The remains of homa – Raksha was given to all participants.

Senior artiste and noted film actress Smt. Girija Lokesh was the chief guest on 22nd January-2017. Mr.Girija Lokesh spoke on the importance of understanding between two partners for the success of a marriage and advised the participants to eliminate ‘Ego’ for success of a marriage. She also stressed on giving importance on the character and conduct of a person rather than his/her financial worthiness. She was honoured by CRM Head of Sri Sankara Matrimony Smt.Hemalatha Mohan.

IMG_20170122_112110 IMG_20170122_112116

Enthusiastic participants thronged for the profiling orchestrated systematically by our Anchors. Software Engineers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Post Graduates actively took part in the meet.

An elderly   couple came all the way from Kalburgi (Gulbarga) to attend the meet. Speaking on the occasion they said “We feel as though we have attended a marriage, the way of organizing the meet; the systematic way of unfolding the event; courteous staff and a huge number of participants are really a good platform to find a bride/groom. We appreciate the initiative of Sri Sankara Matrimony and congratulate the management for the successfull conduct of this event”

IMG_20170121_113520 IMG_20170122_112328

Participants also flocked the Astrology consultation on horoscope compatability. Dr.Suresh and Shri Chary provided consultation to all participants. Lunch/refreshments were served to the participants.

Sri Sankara TV technical team headed by Shri Arvind were instrumental for the success of the meet. All the technicians of Sri Sankara TV worked in tandem for the success of the meet. Our sponsors comprising of Sai Ram Caterers ensured the food prepared was delicious with lots of varieties. Our ‘Print Partner’ Vishwa Vani carried out advertisements of the meet and articles of the meet in their newspaper on consecutive days (14th and 15th). Anand Printers also supported by erecting banners and ensured the booklets reached us in team.


This meet would not have been successfull without the generosity and blessings extended by Eminent Advocate Shri.C.V.Nagesh-ji who is the owner of Avadhani Convention Hall. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Shri C.V.Nagesh-ji for giving us permission for organizing this meet and supporting the cause of upholding our culture and traditions through such a generous and kindful act.

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