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How the event will unfold on 29th and 30th August-2015

How the event will unfold on 29th and 30th August-2015

I am a registered participant, what should i do when i enter the venue?

Please contact our help-desk and show your proof of participation, our executives will guide you accordingly.
My son, daughter is abroad, and i am representing on their behalf, what should i do?
After your participation details are verified by our help-desk, our executives will lead you to the hall and ensure your son/daughter is profiled by the Anchor. The anchor will also announce that the “Virtual Participant” is abroad and is represented by his/her parent/decision makers.

Can we speak to the participants that we feel are suitable?

Yes, you can speak to profiles matching your suitability/interest directly at the venue. Alternatively, you can also note down the SSM ID’s of the participants (during profiling) and contact our help-desk and collect their details for further process. This will simplify your selection process.

I am a prospective Bride, can i attend the event on both days?

Yes. Registered female participants can attend the event on both the days. They are also eligible for our – “Combo offer”. Please log-in to our website to get more details of the offer.

There are no profiles matching your son/daughter’s suitability, what should i do?

Mega Matrimony Meet is organized to ensure there is transparency in decision making and meet your prospective spouses directly at the venue. Sri Sankara Matrimony does not undertake any responsibility of finding the exact suitability of profiles expected by the participant.

Moreover, this is a great platform to find your partners among Brahmins (Trimatasthas). If you still feel unsatisfied you may opt for an elite membership plan, where our executives will search profiles as per your preference. Subscriptions to such plans have to be done separately for elite membership plans and participation in Mega Matrimony Meet does not make a member eligible for our elite membership plans.

I forgot to bring my participation entry pass/receipt, what should i do?

Please bring all our documents required for participation. In case you forget to bring the documents required for participation; our executives will assist you and provide entry to the event.

I am impressed with a profile and started mutual discussions; can i get the assistance of an astrologer at the venue?
Yes, our astrologers would assist you in horoscope matching at the venue. We will provide all assistance of experienced and eminent astrologers at the venue.

Can i watch this programme LIVE from abroad or different cities?

The programme will be live streamed from our Do visit our website and watch the event live from your laptop, I-pad, smart phones and other hand held devices.

Do you provide refreshments?

Yes, refreshments would be provided by a renowned caterer from Chennai on both the days.

I have registered for the event; however, i am not able to attend it, can i get a refund?

No. The registration fee is non-refundable. In case, if you (registered participant) are not able to attend the Mega Matrimony Meet, you can be represented by your parents/decision-makers. In order to ensure your participation-on-your behalf, you have to write to us specifically and obtain a written consent from Sri Sankara Matrimony.

I do not wish to participate in Mega Matrimony Meet; however, i am interested to associate with yourself to promote my business along with your TV channel. Is this permitted, if yes, how do i proceed? Please advice?

Yes, you can associate your business with Sri Sankara TV and Sri Sankara Matrimony. For sponsorship opportunities, please call: 99000 26861 or e-mail your proposals to

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