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Jupiter Transit to Scorpio, the Mystical water sign on October 11th and its effects



Among the 7 planets which Hindu astrology refers to, the planet Jupiter is considered as the natural benefic. The Jupiter is one of the slowest moving planet who takes 1 years to transit from one sign to another and around 12 years to complete a rotation in the ecliptic Zodiac cycle, due to its large mass. Most of the Pushkars for major rivers in India has mapped based on the transit of Jupiter. Jupiter is the Karaka for wealth ( money 2nd house), Education (4th house) ,Progeny (5th house)  and Spirituality (9th house ).As a natural benefic Jupiter brings auspicious celebrations, growth and energy when placed in powerful position in natal chart and Transit chart and when own powerful houses like Kendra and trines.

Scorpio is the 8th sign in the Zodiac cycle and it is a water sign. The Scorpio is known as Mystical sign, with enigma and secrecy, well known for its imagination, passion, zealous and cool attributes. Scorpio is ruled by Mars (as per Hindu astrology) and Pluto (as per western astrology).Planet Mars shares a close, friendly relationship with Planet Jupiter.

The current transit of Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio is auspicious, since Jupiter is in the friendly house where he becomes proud, confident, elegant, conventional and serious. It’s high time to indulge in auspicious ceremonies, growth, business and family expansion, construction, educational activities and spiritual endeavours.

Forecasting the effect of Jupiter Transit on 12 Zodiac signs based on Natal Moon position:

Note: The below predictions are made only on the basis of current transit are not to be applied to the dictum and they are tentative. The individual forecast and results vary since the important information of 9 planets in the natal chart have to be mapped with current transit positions to predict the future.

Aries: Ashwini 1 to 4 pada, Bharani 1 to 4 pada and Krithika 1 pada

The transit of Jupiter in 8th house is not a comfortable situation. Fathers health will suffer and unnecessary expenditure on travel and pilgrimage are on the rise.  Your beliefs with respect to religion and spirituality is shaken. The moral consciousness is loosened and you may take extreme decision scarifying your ethics. Students who are on advanced studies, undergo setbacks and lose focus and become over confident. The marital bliss for single ones are postponed for next year, so as progeny for aspiring couples. Your temper tantrums are sudden and high in intensity and ready to pounce on anyone who challenges you. There is possibility of entangling in legal battles with spouse or partners post 15 days, however career will be steady and increment and role change is possible post November. Asset acquisition and construction can be halted. Health issues are also foreseen with endocrine organs going weak. Tendency for diabetes related health hazards.

Taurus: Krithika 2 to 4, Rohini 1 to 4 and Mrigashira 1 and 2 pada.

The natives born under this moon sign can now become relaxed and breathe a sigh of relief. While Saturn at 8th house continues to trouble, but the Jupiter transit in 7th is like compensating control. The native enjoy marital bliss, company of educated, elite women and also enjoy smooth fuzz free relationships with partners after conflicts. Another advantage of Jupiter in 7th is the person entitled to enjoy good food and good cloths and experience abundance. The decision making ability is improved with sound knowledge and intelligence to comprehend information. Health will slowly improve and business transactions and money flow increase too. It’s time to buy that dream home and dream conveyance (bike, car, etc.) and make assets after duly checking the papers.

Gemini: Mrigashira 3 and 4, Aridra 1 to 4 and punarvasu 1 to 3 pada.

The dual sign of Gemini is greatly afflicted mentally due to Jupiter transit in 6th house. There is already Saturn in 7th house which is bringing separation and detachment .The Jupiter transit to 6th adds the fuel and increases the intensity to break free further. There is inclination to serve humanity and to work for poor and downtrodden. The joy is missing in whatever you do now. No company or sight or food is pleasurable.  You are not at peace anywhere. The laziness has increased and the partnership is entangling to legal battles. It’s time for detachment from close ones and to seek solitude. Indulge in self-exploration and seek answers within. Make attempt to understand your impulse to contribute something meaningful to society. As one of the most creative sign, your melancholy can be transformed in to most beautiful expression in Art.

Cancer: Punarvasu 3 and 4, Pushya 1 to 4 and Ashlesha 1 to 4 pada

It’s the most awaited time for Cancer moon sign has natives. The Saturn in 6th has made you courageous to vanquish enemies and now Jupiter transit to 5th is like icing on the cake. This transit will bless you with abundance of servants, prosperity, comforts, progeny, conveyance, assets, pets, ornaments, marital bliss, a good understanding spouse, and good virtues too. Students who have discontinued studies, will now be motivated to pursue studies again. Sun in 3rd will make natives much more adventurous and exploring and seek challenges to emerge as winners. Health is rosy too except for headaches and pain in the lower abdomen due to gall bladder or kidney stones. You will continue to be foodie and relish food for some more time.  So enjoy blessed time which you have been longing since a long timeJ

Leo: Makha 1 to 4, Purva Phalguni 1 to 4 and Uttara Phalguni 1

Saturn in 5th house has made you emotionally disturbed and robbed off all your wealth. There is detachment from progeny and studies were interrupted. Adding to already existing fire, the transit of Jupiter in 4th will intensify the fire of trouble. The position of Jupiter in 4th is not comforting. The natives will now feel resigned and away from closed ones. The peace within is lost for no logical reason. The mental health suffers with ailments affecting chest, breasts, lungs and breathing troubles. Sustain through the troubles and problems for next one more year, the next transit of Jupiter to 5th will be rewarding. The recluse is Venus the 3rd lord in 3rd house will encourage you to make efforts to arrive at solutions for time being. Leo native one of the strongest of Zodiac will have to undergo additional challenges to win the battle of life.

Virgo: Uttara Phalguni 2 to 4, Hasta 1 to 4 and Chitta 1 and 2

The Saturn transit in 4th has made the natives shun the socialization, spouse and loose wealth. The thinking skills had become negative and pessimistic coupled with suspiciousness. The compensating control of Jupiter in 2nd was a damage control last year. The current transit of Jupiter to 3rd will broke the hell loose. While the natives are investing a high amount of energy and efforts at work, but the results are not satisfying. There is unnecessary relocation both at career and personal front and a lot of obstacles or challenges involved in executing a simple task. The students will have breaks in academics and lose interest in studies. The adage jumping from pan into fire must be most suitable situation for Virgo moon sign natives.

Libra: Chitta 3 and 4, Swathi 1 to 4 and Visakha 1 to 3 Pada.

The Transit of Saturn in 3rd is most rewarding for the Libra Moon sign natives with increased wealth, aides and conveyance.  Now the Transit of Jupiter in 2nd is even more rewarding. Libra moon sign is one of the most fortunate of all with 2 most slower moving planets like Saturn and Jupiter in powerful positions, making the most beautiful, enjoyable period in life. Dream big Librans and indulge in business expansion, Libra as one of the shirodaya sign with great business knack and potential is most close to attain success. The transit of Jupiter in 2nd will vanquish all enemies and wealth and marital bliss is attained. The natives also become wiser from all perspectives and growth is observed in all spears of life. The high time to sit back and enjoy the comfort and success in career and personal life.

Scorpio: Vishakha 4, Anuradha 1 to 4 and Jyeshta 1 to 4

The Transit of Saturn in 2nd was quite stressful so far with skin troubles and loss of sheen on face. Earning money and surviving alone was a difficult task, although there was support from family. The Jupiter transit to 1st from 12th house offers no recluse from troubles. There is mounting tensions at both professional and personal front with quarrels with near and dear ones. The weight becomes an issue with increased corpulence and increased risk of endocrine organs failure. However the students may resume studies and pursue excellence in academics. Efforts to establish good interpersonal skills will yield suitable outcome. There is an awakening and awareness towards ones religion and spirituality beyond religion. You may speak fact straight on face and but they meant with good intentions.

Sagittarius: Moola 1 to 4, Poorvashada 1 to 4 and Uttarashada 1

Life is certainly on testing mode for Sagittarius natives with Saturn transit in 1st house. It’s been a humiliating journey of treachery and torture and miseries and now the Jupiter transit to 12th from 11th house will intensify the test. There is much grief in store and losing the near ones due to death and disease. Jupiter in 12th may bring health condition like swollen ankles and legs and lethargy. Stay positive, active and calm to endure the challenges and difficult situations. The 5th aspect of Jupiter on 4th house will make your thinking simplified and calm. Come what may you are ready to face with smile on face. There is also tendency to go out of spending spree and travel to distant lands in search of tranquillity.

Capricorn: Uttarashada 2 to 4, Sravana 1 to 4 and Dhanishta 1 to 2 pada.

It’s been a period of grief and mourning for Capricorn moon sign natives off late due to Saturn transit in 12th house. You have been stringent on expenses part and controlling it through a tight budget and saving a rupee for rainy day. The Jupiter transit to 11th house from the 10th is a welcome change. This transit will help you add income and increase assets and lifts your low morale. The singles will be hitched and couples will be blessed with progeny in the days to come. The health and wealth both will get a boost. It’s time for homecoming for those longing to return to mother country.

Aquarius: Dhanishta 3 to 4, shathabhisha 1 to 4 and Poorvabhadra 1 to 3.

The year started with magnificent note for Aquarius moon signs due to Saturn in 11th house. You have been practical, target oriented, non-conformist, ruthless and cruel at times to fulfil your dream. The transit of Jupiter in to 10th house will make you halt and re adjust or realign your target. You will now try to be conformist and don’t want to hurt anyone and earn legitimately. There will be few sickness with respect to thighs and joints. You may grow up to mentoring roles at the work front and chose to work in consulting environment. Your career field may change and people management related works are foreseen. You are also turning inwards and much peaceful.

Pisces: Poorvabhadra 4, uttarabhadra 1to 4 and Revathi 1 to 4 pada.

You have been too hard since the beginning of the year due to Saturn transit in 10th house. The work pressure has been mounting with less rewards. The learning curve is sharp with more errors and reworks. You are professional when it comes to maintaining relationships and shun away from socialization, making you lonely. The current transit of Jupiter to 9th house is very satisfying for the career front. You will be more efficient and successful. You will have influence of powerful people and active in social circle with no animosity with anyone. The growth and expansion on monetary side, personal life and family is foreseen. Overall rewarding time for you.) You will enjoy auspicious occasions and vacations to far of countries

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