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Indian marriage

Seven Blessings, Seven Vows and Seven Steps, the number for a magical living!

Wedding… a tradition held in the land of India for millions of years… every move comes with a meaning and every vow stays till the end… from the oldest form of civilization to the date, South Indian weddings are something that is praised across the globe. The essence of marriage with respect to the astrology and science, the culture and the bond that has left between two souls has always remained something awe-inspiring and of course, there is no doubt that many people across the world have fallen in love with the ancient tradition to follow it themselves.
A Hindu Marriage Ceremony always starts with chanting. One might wonder what really these are chanting are, nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that a strong energy is erected from the chanting. These beautiful and specific chanting are thousands and thousands of years old and the ritual of wedding itself is known the ‘Samskara’. Hindu weddings tend to go for days, brings so many hearts, families and laughter together, reasoning every ritual conjured for the good.
In a Hindu Marriage, the couples and their respective families are led and instructed by a priest called ‘Pandit’ or ‘Iyer’. But then an ‘Iyer’ and ‘Pandit’ is alone not enough for a Hindu Marriage as a Hindu Marriage is built with so much interfaith that includes several rituals, rites that are nonsectarian and is applicable for anyone and most of all, promotes multi faith and interfaith ceremonies.
The most important of all is the ‘Saptapadi’ or more commonly known as the ‘Seven Steps’. According to the tradition, the bride and groom come around the ‘Agni’ famously known as the ‘God Of Fire’ and makes seven vows chanted by the priest for a strong union and the couple are expected to follow and keep up the vows when they walk around the ‘Agni’. Each step they take, represents each vow that leads to have a prosperous beginning together. This particular part of ceremony is considered as the very significant ritual as it seals the bond between the bride and groom forever.
These seven vows/blessings in a Hindu Marriage strongly says that,
• Let the couple be gifted with plenty of love, comforts, resources and be helpful to each other in every way and always.
• Let this couple complete each other always and be the strongest.
• May the man and wife be blessed and gifted with wealth and prosperity in all aspects and levels of life.
• Let the couple get true happiness that will indeed last for eternity.
• May this bride and groom get the happiest of family life.
• Let the couple exist with peace and wonderful harmony, keeping their personal values for each other and staying true to all the seven vows.
• May this couple exist as best friends forever.
One does not need a paper to sign and seal the bond between two hearts, or must spend millions to prove their bonding. All a couple has to do is follow the seven vows, seven blessings chanted by the priest for a prosperous living, with an abundance of happiness and faith that stays intact forever.

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