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Significance of Bride Gruha Pravesh

In the Hindu custom, brides push a bowl of rice with their foot and then step into a plate of kumkum after which they take their first step into their new household.

In fact the this term is also called Significance of Bride Gruha Pravesh: Once the bride reaches her husband’s house, she is welcomed by the eldest female of the family

This Ritual or custom is observed a few days after the marriage, where the bride enters the groom’s house with her right leg, while pushing a pot of rice

This is done because it is believed that the new bride is comparable to being the Lakshmi of the house and that by pushing the rice she brings prosperity and peace into the home

Why Right Leg? In Hinduism it is believed right legs bring good fortune and left legs don’t

The bride is also made to dip her feet in a tray with Kumkum and water and make 7 steps on the floor. Thus imprinting the entrance of goddess LAKSHMI

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