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Metti Or Bichiya

The importance of Metti

It has certainly become a fashion for many college going students or someone in their adolescence to wear a toe ring, popularly known as ‘Metti’ as a part of their ‘fashion’. This is only adding to the numerous damages and the little importance given to the Indian Cultures, especially Hindu traditions among the western. Nevertheless, like everything else, even toe rings, that is Metti adds a lot of significance and is given so much importance in a Hindu Marriage. One can view toe rings in a totally different aspect, especially the traditional once, rather than a ‘fashion’ as they seem to really undervalue the actual culture.
Though it is rare to be heard of, according the Ancient and very old Sanskrit scripts (spoken under Sola Singhaar), a woman must beautify or decorate herself with 16 items because it is very much important for a lady to be at her best. These Sixteen items include her Necklace, Bindhi, Earrings, Bracelet, Rings, Wristbands, Bangles, Flowers to add fragrance to her hair, Kohl, Sandalwood Paste, Ankle-Bells, Toe Ring, Henna, Perfume, the lower garments like a long skirt and upper garment like a long blouse.
Many women today can be found only wearing a very few these days, except for weddings and other special events where they prefer to wear all the sixteen. According to the Sola Singhaar, this is very important in the traditional Indian Wedding and a toe ring speaks about the marital status of the woman just like the Mangalyam. Nevertheless, the actual importance of toe ring entirely depends on the part of India you come from as India is totally diverse in culture and tradition.
Traditionally called as the ‘Metti’, it is worn or put on in a woman’s toes during her wedding to say that her she resembles the role of both wife and sister. The woman wears toe sets of Metti in the feet, one to represent her brother and one to represent her husband. It is said that, if anyone of them dies, that is her brother or her husband, one of them will be removed from her toes. This is to say that, if her husband dies, then her brother is in the full responsibility to give her complete protection.
Traditional Hindu Women put on the toe ring on both her feet to represent her marital status. These toe rings, or Metti has been always flamboyant in its style and is silver in colour except the Metti will be different if the woman comes from a very rich family. Nevertheless, according to the culture and tradition, gold should never be worn below the waist as it is considered very pure.
Apart from the culture, wearing the toe ring will give pressure on certain nerves and the help and enhance the reproductive system keeping the women healthy and balanced. It is also believed that showing the symbol of your marital status in the toe will make your health double better and gives the women reproductive enhancer, at the same time help you to lead a balanced life.

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