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Pre-Wedding Preparation for the bride!

Pre-Wedding Preparation for the bride!

Wedding is the most important day for every woman. Every girl wants to look beautiful on that special day.

Here are few beauty tips to look gorgeous!


Bridal hair should be treated with love and devotion. All girls know that washing, blow drying and heat styling everyday makes our hair messy with full of split ends. Hair care must be taken from inside out. Experts believe that Vitamin B should be included in the diet to nourish and add shine to the hair. Foods like fish, egg, nuts makes the hair healthy and prevents hair fall. On the outside, pampering oneself with scalp massage and conditioning treatment stimulates the hair follicles and adds volume.

bridal prep hair1


The face can be taken care easily when compared to other areas. Many schools of thought suggest the best way to care for the skin. The skin should be exfoliated and moisturized regularly to make it look flawless. Anti tan facials helps in fighting the wrinkles and gives a glowing skin. A dermatologist will help to fight acne by prescribing ointments and oral pills. Drinking lots of water before and on the wedding day will make the skin look bright and radiant.

bridal prep face



The eyes are one of the neglected areas and utmost care should be taken to reduce puffiness and to keep dark circles at bay. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive; one must be gentle in taking off the eye make up with a remover. A nightly application of eye cream and cool compress will improve the appearance of dark circles. Getting some beauty sleep the previous day of the wedding make us look fresh.

bridal prep eyes


For that perfect day, all brides want their lips to be in the best shape possible. A vitamin E lip balm will make the lips smooth and combat cracks caused by nervous lip biting. The lips should be exfoliated at least once a week to clear away dead skin. They should be protected with sunscreen so that the lips do not get dried.

bridal prep lips


Every girl feels on top of the world when their finger nails are looking healthy and shiny. Earlier, finger nails were given the least importance but today they are given more attention. A weekly professional manicure will ensure that the nails look best on the wedding day. The hands must always be moisturized because they are the backdrop against the nails. One must keep in mind to use gloves for outdoor activities like washing, gardening etc and nails must never be used for opening things.

bridal prep nails


Skin care is an important beauty regimen for girls. Brides to be should indulge in intensely luxurious body polishing and scrubbing to get a silky smooth skin.                                                                                                                                         Every bride will want to lose that extra weight and tone up before their wedding. It is more important to stay healthy to achieve a few fitness goals. Setting up a smart workout plan will keep the brides motivated.

bridal prep body





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