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With your husband

For any marriage to be successful there has to be lasting understanding between the husband and the wife. A successful marriage is built upon a solid foundation of love, trust and mutual understanding.

Understanding your husband’s interests

Every man loves it when his wife takes interest in his hobbies. Be it watching football or cricket, or playing poker; taking an active interest in his hobbies will make him appreciate you more. Plus, you will be taking part in activities that he enjoys and taking part in the fun too! It is a great way to enjoy each other’s company and a perfect way to bond with each other too.

Men love having their friends over to their homes. While this definitely means extra work for the wife; it is a great way to show that you care and want to get to know his friends. Even spending time with his family members and making the effort to get to know them will obviously please your husband. On the other hand, he will definitely try and reciprocate the efforts towards yours family and friends too.

Spend some quality time together

While spending time in with mutual friends and family is always good; since you get to know more about each other’s lives; spending some quality time with each other is also important.

Scour the city for your ideal places to eat out and spend some time together. You both could discover some favourite spots in city.

Make sure you remember birthdays and anniversaries and other special days. Though men are notoriously known for not remembering dates, it doesn’t stop you from remembering them! You can try to make a few days in a year special; by doing something different or doing something especially for your better half. Even small gestures of love are deeply appreciated by your dear ones.

Try and listen to your husband. Again, men are not traditionally known to make a display of their feelings, but sometimes it helps them if there is somebody to share their problems.

Lastly, do not be overbearing. Give your husband the freedom to do things on his own and in his own way. No one likes a nagging wife. Instead work out a system where you both are responsible for different duties around the house. A marriage is not perfect, but can be made perfect with years of love and patience.

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